How to Install OpenSUSE 11.1

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Please use this instruction set if you:
1. Use OpenSUSE 11.1 CD
2. You want to reformat your entire hard drive, not dual booting
Let’s begin:
  1. Insert your OpenSUSE 11.1 CD and boot up
  2. Select Installation and press Enter

  3. At the Welcome screen, read the License Agreement then press Next

  4. Installation mode: check New Installation then press Next

  5. Choose your time zone then press Next

  6. Desktop selection: select your Desktop Environment then press Next. For this installation, I will use KDE 4.1

  7. Partitioning: I will use Partition Based then press Next

  8. Create a new user: enter your user login information

  9. Installation settings: If you change your mind and need to make modifications to your installation settings, you can do it here. After you are done => press Install to begin the installation.

  10. Installation completed:

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